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Attorney: Death Row Inmate’s Injuries Worse Than Expected

Doyle Lee Hamm
Alabama Department of Corrections

Doyle Lee Hamm has been on death row 30 years for the 1987 killing of a motel clerk.

The lawyer for Alabama death row inmate Doyle Lee Hamm visited his client in prison Sunday with a medical expert to document Hamm’s injuries following last Thursday’s failed lethal injection attempt.

Attorney Bernard Harcourt says Hamm’s injuries following Thursday’s botched execution were worse than expected. The 61-year-old Hamm has lymphatic cancer, Hepatitis C, and a history of drug use. Harcourt argues those issues have severely compromised Hamm’s veins. Prison officials eventually called off Hamm’s execution after they had attempted lethal injection multiple times through his lower body. Harcourt says his client is still in pain.

“We got in there we found about a dozen puncture marks. But lots of bruising on the groin, lots of pain and swelling,” he said. Harcourt visited with medical expert Dr. Mark Heath. Heath’s medical report should be filed in the next few days.

The state has not rescheduled Hamm’s execution. Hamm spent 30 years on death row for the 1987 killing of a motel clerk.

Bob Horton, spokesman for the Alabama Department of Corrections on Monday declined to comment on the attempted execution or “on the protocols followed during last Thursday’s scheduled execution pending a review by a federal judge.”

U.S. District Court Judge Karon Bowdre has not yet set another hearing in the case.