Alabama Residents Protest Sessions’ Departure

Source: Miranda Fulmore , WBHM

The group was chanting “hands off of special council" while holding signs that read “Protect Mueller” and “Whitaker must recuse himself.”

More than a hundred people braved the November wind chill to gather outside the Huntsville office of Republican Congressman Mo Brooks Thursday afternoon. They’re worried that President Trump’s new acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, will impede Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Michelle Woods says this is the first protest she’s ever attended. She says she couldn’t sit around anymore without saying something.

“If this was a president that we had in office in 2016 and in 2014 and you know who I’m talking about … he would have been gone,” she says. “I just can’t understand how everybody is just sitting back and letting this injustice run amuck.”

David Odom is part of the group that helped organize the protest and says he’s not a huge fan of Sessions.

“But he did the right thing on recusing himself because he had been a campaign aide and under scrutiny himself. So, Matt Whitaker needs to do that right thing and step out of it — say publicly that he will stay out of the investigation,” Odom says.

While opinions on Sessions are mixed, a poll from CNBC in August showed 64 percent of Americans believe Trump should not fire Sessions. In the last two days Alabama Senator Richard Shelby and former Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange both expressed support. Strange tweeted “Sessions for Senate in 2020,” but it’s not clear whether Sessions will make another run.