Support Mixed For Roy Moore in Gadsden Following Allegations

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The chorus of calls is growing for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore to step aside following additional allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago. Near his home base in Etowah County, the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice still has support among some.

Jodi Almaroad is a born again Christian. She’s heard allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore, and she still supports him in the Senate race against Democrat Doug Jones.

“As a follower of Christ, you know we offer forgiveness,” she says. Almaroad was at a Gadsden shopping center. “And if we all got down to it, we could all find something in somebody’s closet to pull out from a long time ago.”

She says even if the claims are true, it happened decades ago. Besides, Almaroad says, it’s all part of a larger conspiracy.

“As a Christian when you are in the limelight like that, you are going to be targeted by the enemy,” she says. “The evil in the world does not want Christians in leadership.”

Moore has built his brand on his far-right evangelical beliefs. But last week, the Washington Post reported Moore allegedly pursued relationships with four teenage girls when he was in his 30s. And Monday, a fifth woman came forward alleging he sexually assaulted her when she was in her teens.

Ronald Dickey, an independent voter, says the whole ordeal makes the state look bad.

“I don’t like stuff like that because it deflects on the state,” he says.

Dickey says he plans to vote in the election on Dec. 12, but he’s still hoping for a good write-in candidate.