Firm Releases Vestavia Hills HS Rebranding Package

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Today a sports-marketing firm released its complete “rebranding package” for Vestavia Hills High School.

Tensions over the previous Rebel Man mascot and the name “Rebels” flared up last year. The school board has since ditched the mascot but kept the name. Today’s package is the culmination of a roughly 10-month, $30,000 effort.

Birmingham-based Knight Eady shared the new marks, graphics, and even a “brand style guide” with students and staff this morning.

The package includes official logos for the school and for its teams and clubs; many are red, white, and blue depictions of the word “Rebels” or the letters “VH.”

A Knight Eady statement says the firm will work through December on implementing the new marks and consulting on licensing and trademarking issues.