Why I Support WBHM: John Nicholson and Catherine Dewitt

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During This Pledge Drive, We’re asking WBHM Members why they listen and what WBHM means to them.

John Nicholson and Catherine Dewitt’s love for public radio is just as deep as their feelings for each other.

“Our first date was actually me helping him move into his apartment in Birmingham. Almost immediately, I think we’ve both been gushing about This American Life,” Catherine remembers. “It really has been a pretty consistent staple in our dynamic.”

On their first Christmas together, they debated on what to give each other, but what they decided on was the greatest gift of all.

“We both just decided… why not just donate to NPR for each other? It just felt like the right thing to do,” says Catherine.

“We don’t need anymore clutter,” John adds. “I think we could both say that about our apartments. This is intangible, and we can brag about it.”

Andrew Yeager

Andrew Yeager


Why I Support WBHM: Chad and Allison Kahl

Chad and Allison Kahl are both WBHM members. Chad’s in the Air Force. He’s a flight surgeon attached to the 99th Air Refueling Squadron out of Birmingham. During Chad’s most recent deployment, the Kahls say WBHM helped keep them connected.

Why I Support WBHM: Virginia Stone

Virginia Stone is a WBHM member listening from Birmingham, Alabama — and oddly enough, she’s a huge fan of the fund drive. “I love it because of the community that I feel when I hear the name of someone I know,” says Virginia. “I do understand why people get annoyed; they don’t want to be pestered for donations. But the truth is, they need to step up.”

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Why I Support WBHM: Mina Khan

Mina Khan is a WBHM member from Trussville. To start her day off right, she tunes into Morning edition during her hour-and-a-half commute.

“When I have to start my day at work,” she says, “I cannot sit and listen to a story that’s so engaging that I don’t really want to turn off my radio.”