Kyle Whitmire Discusses UAB Football Future And The Legislative Session

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The much anticipated College Sports Solutions’ report on University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) athletics is now public and the findings are somewhat ambiguous.

In essence, it says UAB can control it’s own destiny. But the question remains should the university divert its football funding to running a championship-caliber basketball program, or beg and borrow money each year to fund a football team that might do well, but never be a contender for a national championship. The questions also remains-just how important is autonomy from the University of Alabama Board of Trustees?

And, let’s not forget the challenges in Montgomery as the legislative session nears its end with no feasible General Fund Budget in sight.’s political columnist, Kyle Whitmire weighs in on these issues in a conversation with WBHM’s Chris Osborne.

Kyle Whitmire

Each week we'll hear an update on political happenings in Birmingham and Jefferson County from Birmingham News local political reporter Kyle Whitmire. Hear him Wednesday afternoons on All Things Considered.

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