Interview: Leonard Nimoy

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In January 2009, WBHM’s Michael Krall spoke with Leonard Nimoy about his other passion — photography. Nimoy held a free lecture about his photography ay UAB. The Full Body Project was a series of works examining the concepts of female beauty through full-figured women. However, there was plenty of reminiscing about his most famous character, Mr. Spock.

Leonard Nimoy extended interview…
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(Interview is 22:26 in length)

13:35 – Nimoy talks about his career and Spock

15:19 – Anecdote about Tom Hanks and recognition for his photography

16:05 – What made Spock such a loved character

17:35 – How growing up in Boston shaped Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock

18:49 – Still owns a pair of Spock’s ears

19:45 – Has Mr. Spock’s persona rubbed off on you?

21:02 – Does the Vulcan nerve pinch really work?