Birmingham Fashion Truck: Making The Magic City Rethink Fashion

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Birmingham Fashion Truck: Making The Magic City Rethink Fashion

Birmingham Fashion Truck owner Evelyn Wood. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Wood.

90.3 WBHM Birmingham– Food trucks have become ubiquitous in many cities. Entrepreneurs have taken the same concept of retail on wheels and applied them to apparel. Fashion trucks have popped up across the country, from Los Angeles to Cleveland to Miami. That trend has now come to Birmingham.

The Birmingham Fashion Truck set up and ready for customers. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Wood.

The Birmingham Fashion Truck operates in the Magic City, several others have popped up around the state. Evelyn Wood, owner of the Birmingham Fashion Truck, knew she wanted to own her own store one day, but setting a brick and mortar shop was daunting.

“You know rent and all of the inventory to fill the space, it’s always been a lofty goal,” she said. Wood discovered fashion trucks in California and in 2012 began planning to start her own in Birmingham.

“The more I researched this truck, the more I realized how attainable it is and how mobile business really makes it easier for someone who is inventive to be able to open a business,” said Wood.

The truck itself is a yellow, Chevy P30 maintenance truck which required a significant makeover.

The Birmingham Fashion Truck. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Wood.

“Figuring out how to turn some grungy, greasy tool truck into something pretty that a woman feels like they want to try on clothes inside was a challenge,” said Wood. “We had to design it ourselves and get it built, there was no “how-to” book.”

Another challenge she faced was getting business licenses for each municipality where she wanted to operate. Finding a parking spot can be tricky as well.

Business of all types face difficulties, but Wood believes a fashion truck offers a distinct advantage.

“I would say that this one is a lot easier than others because you don’t have to be open [all the time],”said Wood. “If I’m overwhelmed, or if I’ve got too much going on, the truck can be closed until further notice and that’s fine.”

The Birmingham Fashion Truck finds the perfect parking spot. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Wood

Wood says fashion trucks are an asset to Birmingham and hopes more will pop up.

“You know it’ll show those guys in California that we’re not so far behind,” she said. “In Cali’ they have a parking lot full and so why shouldn’t we have one? Why shouldn’t we have more? We’re just as fashionable as anyone else. More so if I do say so myself.”

~Morgan, October 3, 2014