WBHM Partners on Gulf Coast Consortium to Cover Oil Spill

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WBHM-FM is partnering with public broadcasting outlets across the Gulf Coast region to create the Gulf Coast Consortium, a multi-media project to expand reporting on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

Operating under a $538,000 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the collaboration includes lead station Louisiana Public Broadcast; WBHM-FM, Birmingham, AL; Alabama Public Television; Mississippi Public Broadcasting; WEDU-TV/FM, Tampa, FL; WUSF-TV/FM, Tampa, FL; WWNO-FM, New Orleans, LA; WSRE-TV/FM, Pensacola, FL; WVAS-FM, Montgomery, AL; and KRVS-FM in Lafayette, LA.

Public media stations in the region have responded to the crisis with in-depth reporting for their own communities and for national audiences via NPR and PBS programs. The grant will help the Gulf Coast Consortium support stations’ local journalism efforts to cover the crisis and facilitate sharing of content among stations for the next year.

“The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is the one of the largest disasters to hit the Gulf region,” says Tanya Ott, WBHM-FM News Director. “WBHM will be sending reporters to the coast regularly to explore the long-term ramifications for the environment, the economy and the people of Alabama.”

In addition to creating and sharing content for broadcast and digital distribution, Gulf Coast Consortium stations will also conduct community engagement activities through social media sites and town hall meetings.

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