Making Sense of Mental Health

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Underlying many of Alabama’s societal challenges, from homelessness to prison overcrowding to school failure to unemployment, is undiagnosed or mistreated mental illness. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that only one-third of Americans with mental health problems get care. The numbers for African Americans are even more discouraging, due in no small part to the fact that state-funded mental health centers generally treat only those with the most serious mental illnesses and private practitioners require insurance or charge prohibitive rates. Stigma is another major hindrance to diagnosis and treatment, especially in a Bible belt state like Alabama where cultural and historical prejudices against discussing mental illness still prevail.

WBHM’s year-long special project Making Sense of Mental Health explores the high human and fiscal cost of untreated mental illness through the targeted lens of mental illness in low and moderate-income women and children, with particular attention to minorities. WBHM is producing weekly features and interviews, as well a weekly email listserve.

On Monday, March 13, WBHM concluded our year-long series “Making Sense of Mental Health” with a special call-in program. We talked to mental health experts and consumers and took listener questions and comments. To listen to the complete call-in program, click here.

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WBHM is partnering for this project with Oasis Women’s Counseling Center and the UAB School of Public Health (UABSPH). Oasis is providing outreach through community forums, seminars for professionals, and outreach activities for National Depression Screening Day. UABSPH is incorporating mental health topics into its BodyLove soap opera, which airs on WJLD-AM, the state’s oldest black-owned radio station.

Making Sense of Mental Health is funded by a grant from Sound Partners for Community Health. Sound Partners for Community Health seeks to increase public awareness of specific health issues and facilitate citizens’ involvement in making decisions affecting health care by fostering partnerships between public broadcasters,community organizations and additional media entities. Sound Partners is a program of the Benton Foundation and funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.