Michael Krall

Michael Krall

Program Director

If you’ve ever had a question or comment about the station’s programming, or were looking for a story from WBHM or NPR, chances are you’ve spoken with WBHM’s Program Director Michael Krall. His job includes overseeing the station's on-air staff, curating the program schedule, and managing the Alabama Radio Reading Service.

You can hear Michael hosting Morning Edition or All Things Considered from time to time, and listen out for his interviews with artists and other interesting people who make their way through Birmingham.

Originally from Chappaqua, N.Y., Michael came to WBHM in September of 1998 from WCBU in Peoria, Illinois. A graduate of the University of Maine, he’s spent his entire career in public radio working in WKNO in Memphis and WSCL in Salisbury, Maryland, as well as Maine Public Radio.

In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking, attending concerts, and playing Scrabble. He lives in Homewood with his daughter, Nora, and son, Landon.

Should Larry Langford Go Free?

The former Birmingham Mayor remains in jail serving a 15 year sentence.  And Governor Bentley proposes a possible solution to reopen 31 rural driver’s license offices.Kyle Whitmire is the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL dot com, he talks with WBHM’s Michael Krall.

Getting a Driver’s License in Alabama’s Black Belt is Difficult

The closure of 31 driver’s license office leaves 28 counties in Alabama without a place you can get a driver’s license.  The closings, all in mostly poor rural counties, many of them with majority African-American populations has some saying the state is making it more difficult for black Alabamians to vote. Kyle Whitmire is he state […]

Arc Stories: September 2015 Edition

Stories include a man trying to do the right things when society is telling him otherwise; one man’s conflict within his own making; a young girl impersonating someone of a different race and gender; and a father trying to keep up appearances in front of his daughter. (Originally aired September 24, 2015 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.)

What Ever Happened to Artur Davis?

What ever happened to former Congressman Artur Davis? Once seen as a rising star in the Democratic party, he’s now struggling to get back to the Democratic party itself, after briefly defecting to the Republican party. Also, is the Alabama Ethics Commission relevant anymore? WBHM’s Michael Krall talked about all this with Kyle Whitmire, state political columnist […]

Education Budget Cuts, Cigarette Tax, and Winners and Losers

The second special session of the Alabama Legislature could soon be in the books with a combination of cuts to the education budget and a cigarette tax. That combination avoids some funding cuts to state agencies —  Medicaid, corrections, mental health, human resources and the court system are all expected to be level funded. But […]

Season Opener! Carlos Izcaray Leads the Alabama Symphony Orchestra

This weekend, newly appointed Music Director Carlos Izcaray conducts the Alabama Symphony Orchestra in a program featuring both modern and romantic works. Izcaray (pronounced “eez-ca-RYE”) spoke with WBHM’s Michael Krall about the program, his management style, and about how audiences might approach a modern, contemporary work. The conversation began with Izcaray talking about why he moved his […]

Arc Stories: August 2015 Edition

Stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and perhaps both at the same time  —  hear what it was like growing up in the Civil Rights era; a woman risks her own dignity to get a chance at love; a guy raging against his own social awkwardness, and becoming a father to three […]

Birmingham City Council Approves Minimum Wage Increase To $10.10

The Birmingham City Council has passed an ordinance to increase minimum wage in the city to $10.10-an-hour by July 2017. The council passed the measure during a meeting Tuesday. Kelsey Stein of AL.com reports that the city’s legal department is reviewing the ordinance. Were it to take effect, the increase is believed to be the first of its kind in the Southeast U.S. Stein talked to WBHM’s Michael Krall about today’s meeting.

Kyle Whitmire Draws Parallels from Special Sessions in 1975

One special session of the Alabama legislature is in the books, another is looming. That’s because the lawmakers were unable to agree on how to fund the state’s $200 million dollar shortfall in the General Fund. Kyle Whitmire is the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL.com, and he talks about this issue and […]

Does Anything Look Encouraging in the Special Legislative Session?

The special session in the Alabama legislature is underway, and it turns out to be not much different than the regular session. Lawmakers are unable to agree on how to fund the state’s $200 million dollar shortfall. Here to discuss this is Kyle Whitmire. He’s the state political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL […]