Mary Scott Hodgin

Mary Scott Hodgin

Health and Science Reporter

Mary Scott Hodgin is WBHM’s Health and Science Reporter. Hodgin has been a freelance reporter for WBHM since 2015 covering topics ranging from downtown revitalization to sewer spill notification. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in social and biological adaptation – a self-designed degree that combines biology, anthropology, and documentary to study human behavior. Fluent in Spanish, she most recently produced videos and wrote for a national health care company.

Uncertain Immigration Policy Takes a Toll on Area Youth

There have been a series of developments in recent weeks on immigration policy and a lot of uncertainty around the fate of undocumented residents. That’s rubbing off on children in Alabama.

Conservation Groups Push For Faster Alerts on Sewage Spills

Sewer operators are required to notify the public of sewer spills if they endanger public health. Conservation groups say it’s not happening fast enough.

Cocktails, Costumes, and a James Beard Nomination

The Atomic Lounge serves up costumes and cocktails. The new Birmingham bar is a semifinalist for a James Beard Award.

Abandoned Properties Locked In Limbo As The Tax Bill Grows

There are thousands of tax delinquent properties in Jefferson County. Many of them are vacant and in disrepair. But even burned down houses and empty lots can still rack up thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes and fees. This is the second part of our look at Alabama’s tax lien system.    The Cycle of […]

Late Paying Your Property Tax? Investors See An Opportunity

What if you’re late paying your property tax? In Alabama, give it a few months and a lien will probably be placed on your property. But one man’s delinquent property tax is another man’s opportunity. Every year, these debts are put up for auction and investors from around the country buy them to make money.    […]

After 35 Years, ASO Musician Proud to Call Birmingham Home

The Alabama Symphony Orchestra features 53 full-time musicians from all over the world, each with a unique story. Kevin Kozak moved to Birmingham 35 years ago to join the group and currently plays 2nd horn. Mary Scott Hodgin speaks with Kevin about his journey to Alabama and why he has remained with the ASO for […]

A New Direction for Birmingham’s Largest Public Housing Complex

Picture public housing and a certain image comes to mind. Typically, it is one of poverty, where hundreds of people live in a low-income neighborhood. Birmingham’s Housing Authority is hoping to re-shape this picture by re-developing Loveman Village, the city’s largest public housing complex. The idea is to build new apartments and diversify the area, but ultimately, the hope is to change the perception of public housing.

Alabama Organizers File Federal Lawsuit, Take Stand Against Wage Theft

A group of Alabama organizers filed a federal lawsuit last week on behalf of immigrant laborers who say their employers never paid them. The workers and their supporters gathered at the steps of the Hugo Black Courthouse in Birmingham Friday afternoon to celebrate the lawsuit.

Birmingham City Council Delays Spending Budget Surplus on Blight, Schools

Birmingham’s City council wants to use $5 million in surplus funds to tackle blight in the city and enhance school reading programs. The proposal next goes before the committee of the whole. If approved, the council would allocate $2 million dollars to tear down abandoned homes and $2 million dollars to cut overgrown grass. The remaining $1 […]

Birmingham Revitalization: Struggling to Keep Homewood’s Rosedale Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Rosedale is easy to miss, quietly tucked at the base of Red Mountain on the edges of Homewood. For years, residents of the community have been fighting to keep its historic character, but the city is expanding and there is a constant threat of commercial development.