Running Birmingham Track Club’s 1200 Mile Challenge

Approximately 5,000 runners hit the streets of Birmingham this weekend for the annual Mercedes-Benz Marathon. WBHM contributor Javacia Harris Bowser recently started running with one club that's training for the race. But this group -- The Birmingham Track Club -- sets an even more ambitious goal for its members: Run 1200 miles in one year.

I Don’t Like Christmas and That’s OK

While Christmas can be "the most wonderful time of the year" for some, our guest blogger, Javacia Harris Bowser, thinks the season's social and financial pressures are a bit out of control. She writes about that in her monthly blog post for WBHM, along with the holiday that really brightens her winter: New Year's!

Javacia Harris Bowser: Life Lessons From A Younger Generation

It's not uncommon to seek words of wisdom and advice from those who older and more experienced. But what about turning to a younger generation for new ideas and inspiration? Our guest blogger Javacica Harris Bowser believes that just because someone is younger than you, doesn't mean you shouldn't seek out their ideas and opinions.

Javacia Harris Bowser: The Complexities of Colorism

The film Belle explores the story of a young mixed race woman who is the daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral. She's raised in a white aristocratic family in 18th century England. The film, inspired by a true story, shows the challenges the main character grapples with as she comes to terms with her skin color. The story hit home for our guest blogger Javacia Harris Bowser, who explores the complexity of the term "colorism" in her latest blog post for WBHM.

Finding Home Again in Birmingham

Sometimes life can take you to surprising places, and sometimes the place you never thought you'd settle in becomes an unexpected home. For our guest blogger Javacia Harris Bowser, Birmingham was where she grew up, but wasn't necessary where she wanted to put permanent roots. She explores her loving yet complicated relationship with the Magic City in her monthly post for WBHM.

Finding Fashion in the Magic City

When you think about the world's most notable fashion hubs, places like New York, London, or Milan might come to mind - but probably not Birmingham, Alabama. But there are actually a fair amount of fashion forward thinking people right here in the Magic City, and their philosophy towards clothes goes beyond outward appearances. Our guest blogger Javacia Harris Bowser explores this in her monthly post for WBHM.

Going Natural: It’s Not Just a Hairstyle, It’s a Lifestyle

It was the summer of 2002, and I was probably on hour three of the tedious process of attempting to straighten my hair with all the heat my scalp could stand. This, of course, was in addition to the chemical hair relaxer occasionally applied to my tresses. While I wrestled with my hair, my roommate turned to me and said, "Maybe your hair doesn't want to be straight. Why don't you just wear it curly?"

In Search of My Womanist Self

When someone says they identify as a feminist, some images and assumptions come to mind. But what if someone were to self identify as a womanist? What would you think then? The meaning behind these two words may sound similar, but they spark great debate. Our guest blogger Javacia Harris Bowser explores this in her monthly post for WBHM.

Strong is the New Skinny

I have declared on my blog, on my social media networks, and to all my close family members and friends that I am going to exercise every day in 2014. Yes, I plan to work out 365 consecutive days.

Spreading the Love on Loving Day

Loving v. Virginia is not as well known as other U.S. Supreme Court civil rights cases, but it has significant consequences for many people. The case overturned bans on interracial marriage and spawned an annual celebration called Loving Day. WBHM Race and Diversity Blogger Javacia Harris Bowser writes about one Birmingham couple who might not be together without that decision.

I Was Told I Couldn’t Be a Feminist Because I’m Black

I remember the first time I wrote and published a piece for a newspaper declaring myself a feminist. I received a message from a black man who couldn't believe that a black woman would dare associate herself with a movement that was spearheaded by "racist, wealthy white women."

Do We Still Need Black History Month?

Eighty-seven years ago Dr. Carter G. Woodson created what at the time was called "Negro History Week". The second week of February coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and was meant to recognize the contributions of African-Americans. Now, it's Black History month, but some question why -- in 2013 -- it's necessary.