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WBHM Supporter Robert Sturdivant: “I LOVE the Fund Drive!”

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Courtesy of Robert Sturdivant

Yes, it's true! WBHM member Robert Sturdivant says he loves the fund drive.

Robert Sturdivant, pastor of student ministries at Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood, defies conventional wisdom when it comes to WBHM’s on air fundraiser.

“I love the fund drive!” Sturdivant exclaims. Yes, that’s right. Sturdivant says he enjoys the pledge drive. A lot.

“I love being able to hear people in our community share about why WBMH matters to them, why they want to give. Giving into this local community so that we can grow together, as well as learn more about our community and our world,” he says.

Sturdivant says WBMH has been a part of his life as far back as he can remember, and that WBMH is the soundtrack to his life.

“I listen to it all day,” he says. “It is programed constantly in my car. Start of the hour newscasts, listening to those. Getting the quick summary of what alls going on in the world, as well as locally.”

“And then I love listening to the Best of Car Talk. I remember listening to Car Talk with my dad when I was younger, just great memories,” he adds. Click below to hear more of Robert’s story. 

Show your support for WBMH now, and thanks! 


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