Alabama House Could Vote to Form Impeachment Committee

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Representative Ed Henry announced his intention to introduce articles of impeachment against Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.

The Alabama House of Representatives is expected to vote next week to establish a 15-person investigatory committee to probe the possible impeachment of Governor Robert Bentley.

Bentley last month acknowledged making sexually charged remarks to a female aide but denies a physical affair or misuse of his office. He says there is “no basis” for impeachment.

The committee will be able to work outside of the legislative session, which has 8 meeting days left. Legislators could call a special session for an impeachment vote if probable cause is found.

Republican Rep. Ed Henry says initial articles of impeachment “never left square one” due to a vague impeachment process outlined by the Constitution.

Legislators hope new rules governing the investigatory committee will provide framework for any future impeachment proceedings.