Alabama Symphony Orch. 2010-11 season

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Tonight, (Sept. 17th) Justin Brown begins his fifth season as music director of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. The 2010-2011 season includes Brown performing as a solo pianist. It also includes a world premier by a composer-in-residence, as well as a performance of all nine Beethoven symphonies over the course of two weeks. Justin Brown spoke with WBHM’s Michael Krall about the season and the opening work on this weekend’s concert, the Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello…




Jefferson County health providers ‘well equipped’ for The World Games

Officials plan to treat as many people as possible at on site medical tents. They say the biggest concern is heat-related illness.

Birmingham City Council passes Woodfin’s budget untouched

Police, public works and youth programs were the biggest winners in the $517 million budget, the largest ever for the city.

Woodfin says people without homes won’t be moved from public spaces for The World Games

World Games officials clarified that anyone will be able to walk through and access public areas around venues like Railroad Park, Linn Park, Protective Stadium and the new City Walk, despite those sites being behind security parameters.

Groups oppose $725 million Alabama bond sale for building prisons

The state is expected to go to the bond market on Tuesday, to provide financing for the construction plan. That money will be added to $135 million in state funds and $400 million in pandemic relief dollars that the state already agreed to put toward the construction project.

“Expect us,” reproductive rights supporters rally across Alabama after federal abortion ruling

Alabamians took to the streets this weekend after elective abortions became a felony in the state on Friday.

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